Large Tree


Sitting outside around the fire, it is quiet. 

It is so quiet that the deer are coming, they are crossing the grounds unafraid.

Every falling leaf,

every cracking branch,

every flapping bird,

and the crackling fire-

It is peaceful. 

The work begins. 


The retreat is in MISSOURI State- 2 plus hours from St. Louis 

One on one retreat 7 days and nights on a beautiful 22 acres of forest.

Price: $1300

Accommodation: a cabin with all amenities (bed, shower, kitchen, ac/heat), food will be provided. You will receive a link to see the cabin, and as many details as you need. 

The program:

In general:

Being in nature set the stage to reconnect to the core of our being. Adding to it many known methods; meditations/hypnosis, healing sessions, coaching, yoga and movement, and spiritual practices to raise the level of awareness. 

Intense work can lead to growth, heart opening, clearing, and expending consciousness. 

Going in to come out brighter, stronger, and clearer. 

Each day there is a curriculum that build you up towards your goals. You work with an intuitive healer, and things  can always slightly change from one  person to another. 

If you are interested o know the details, please call Eden. You will receive the full breakdown of the retreat program. 


Retreat gives you the time to focus your energy on growth and expansion. It takes you out of your day to day environment- a pause.

Being in nature and following spiritual practices, stepping into simplicity just for a little while creates a shift in the energetic field. 


The retreat is about you. What do you need? What are you missing? Are you looking for solving something, or are you looking for growth? For a place to rejuvenate your energy. You can find it. 

In my experience, retreats gives you the opportunity to look inside and clear stagnation. It creates space and lightness that brings new experiences into your life. It is one of those experiences you remember for life because it is so profound and special.