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Hi , I am Eden.
I created The Spiritual. Co to share my experience and knowledge to facilitate growth, well being, and a higher ground in your life and in this world.

I teach a variety of practices and methods to bring growth and I use different processes such as, Hypnotherapy that is definitely not limited to changing habits only, spiritual counseling and reading that came naturally with my life long spiritual practices, and HH for clearing DNA. Everything I do is to help implement changes so you can move easier from one stage to another. In order to bridge those stages, I deal with hard core problems and ask the difficult questions because the work of awareness and consciousness is of that nature.

If you are looking for a change in your life, I am looking for you!

You can read more about me in my blog.

All roads lead to Rome- So find one and start walking the other direction ~Nobody

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-A Certified Licensed hypnotherapist in      Colorado NLC.0108617

-Professional Spiritual Counselor

-Certified Professional Life Coach 

-HK Practitioner and HH intuitive 

-Reiki Master since 2000

-Reflexologist (not practicing) 

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