Holographic Healing


We live in a holographic universe where everything is alive and listening to us as if we know what we are saying or doing.

So we better know


What is HH good for?


Stagnation of emotional energies

Stuck imprints that came through genetics

Patterns that came through past lives

About HH

Dreamtime healing is an Aboriginal native Australian tribes healing.

It is rooted in the concept of multi -dimensional universe reaching into any time past or future through the zero point of existence.

Anchored in truth, Holographic Kinetics was developed by Steve Richard an Aboriginal descendant.

Eden is working with that knowledge, similar, but not in the exact form. Combining her experience and knowledge of HK, she works with spirit to create space for healing.



Aboriginal art

I have practiced Holographic Kinetics and received my certification from Steve Richards.

Growing up from it, I developed my own healing process, listening to my own  spirit.

The reason I went to study the method is because of one thing: the zero point. I have known and experienced the simplicity and second nature of the multi dimensional life through this one awareness, or should I say Zero.

Things are really clear and simple if we are connected to our crystal body- the spirit body. Well, everybody is connected to that body, but not everybody is aware of it- that's what creates complications.

We can work a whole life time just one pattern until we get the understanding, or we can go through the zero point and clear it on the spot.

Painting by Eden Sh. 2008- self portality

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