Life Coaching


Coaching is working with you step by step

It is implementing a strategic process that will work for you only.

Sometimes it is easier to know what other people need to do, but we can't figure out our own. That is why coaching is so successful.

 If you are confused in which direction you want to go, or something doesn’t work the way you intended it to work-

If you just don’t know how to cope with a problem, if you are feeling down or feeling depressed, sad or angry, why would you go to a spiritual coach? 

Problem Solved

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Get the support you need to resolve stuck-ness


Build confidence

Reduce your stress 

Find happiness

Move forward 

Remove fear out of your way

Energize your life

Create lasting change


Know who you are

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Meeting you wherever you are  in that process in your life. Navigating your awareness, your thoughts  and emotions and helping you break cycles and build new ones. 


I  can be your eyes for just a moment, so you can see brighter and  sharper, and sometimes, it’s all you need; just an outsider perspective to get the light bulb flashing on in order to find out what’s missing in your life right now. 


Nonetheless, the work is all yours. 

So be proud of yourself for your achievements.


This period of change can be really hard and because of it, many people who are waking up to the greater universe moving back to what they knew before- call it the comfort zone. 

I offer a huge support and coaching. 

I have awakened into higher dimensions of reality in the 90’s going a long road and making my own full circle. I walk on stable strong ground. 

I have abundance of tools combined with technology of the soul that is spirit and consciousness combined for you to know and understand what you are going through, and stabilize yourself. 

I offer training and support all the way. Don’t be afraid to look inside because out you go strong and clear. 

It is an amazing journey of going inside, clearing the things that you feel stuck on and letting lighter energies and joy come in.  

The work of

Building confidence

Find out what is keeping you from moving forward and HOW you can overcome it. Many of us suffer from lack of confidence , telling ourselves we are not good enough and therefore staying in our comfort zone; the ordinary. It doesn't have to be that way!

Reducing your stress

Stress and anxiety is becoming the number one cause of sickness in our society today. Find out the real cause of your stress and the solution for that uncomfortable feelings and learn how to relax to being more stability to your emotions and your life.

Find happiness

We are all in pursued of happiness. Happiness though, is a state of mind and heart and once you connect yourself to that state of mind, everything opens up. Then, you fulfill your dreams.

Remove fear out of your way

Fear usually manifests itself as anxiety and obstacles. The funny thing about fear is that it is tricky and changes its form so it would be hard to track. And we tend to have an excuse for why we are not moving forward. Remove the barrier of fear from getting the life you want by recognizing it and doing it with awareness.

Create lasting change

If you want to created changes, it is possible. It is also possible to change your lifestyle and keep it the way you want it. Find out how.

Energize your life

How much energy do you have? How much do you engage in your everyday tasks and mundane things you need to do? Does life take you where you want to be? Are you feeling it? Infuse your life with inspiration and ignite your fire for life.  

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