Light Beams


We are inner earth creatures.

We live inside light orbs and sometimes, when we travel, it is all you can see with your bare eyes, just a light orb. We live in harmony within nature because we hold the many spirits of nature. We come in many colors, emotions, and essences, and we communicate messages.

Eden found us in the forest where she lives, and she likes to call us:

Light Beams because she thinks we are cute.

We helped her get over her fear of snakes and ticks by leading her safely where she wanted to go.

Since we have met, Eden increased her visitations to the forest, and we became friends. More of us are coming to visit because each in his turn, once meeting Eden, are trying to persuade her to change her diet to light so she can come with us. We are very excited that she can see us! She is a stubborn one, but we guess, ok, confess, that her diet is not bad for humans.






The elder.

20220122_134727 (2).jpg

Tiko, the elder.

Eden thought it would be a great idea to bring some of our messages and essence to the children of the world, the young and the old, and we agreed.

Broken Trunk