• Eden

Experience with hypnosis

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Before I decided to learn hypnosis, I went to a session. I wanted to see if it is real, if it will do something for me, if it works. I am a skeptic individual and I don't believe things just because I hear them. I am therefore, learning from my personal experience. And so, I went to check out hypnosis.  

Since I am a long time meditator I didn’t think I can be hypnotized. And to be quite honest, I didn’t understand the concept at all. 

You look for something you ponder on it in meditation and you find the answer. But, I was looking to change what I do in life and I gave it a try. 

I found someone special. A woman that also looked very real and light. We talked a little and I tackled her with questions out of this world. Those questions were supposed to be asked under hypnosis. I was curious to see how am I going to answer those questions?

I am a private person, so I am not going to give away my private session, but there are few things I feel ok with and I can share my findings:

It opened a doorway to another side of me that I was communication on a subconscious level, sometimes aware sometimes not, but under hypnosis I could get a better picture of it is, how it looks like and what exactly I am communicating with. 

For me, although I had to remove myself constantly out of the way because I was very light on hypnosis and aware of what going on. I was sometimes shocked of what I was hearing and that shock brought me out; I managed to push myself back into a quiet mode and let it continue. This session created a bond with the beings I have been communicating all along. After the hypnosis, this communication turned to be on an aware level. It still is. 

So what happened in the session?

The hypnotherapist was super kind light worker and we bonded immediately. I also came ready to open myself up, so there was no need to prime me, I was ready to go under, sort of speak. 

That bond between the two of us created a space like a pyramid structure that was protected and enhanced by both of us. So usually, I work alone in meditation, the