• Eden

About Masters and Servants

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

I was really blessed in having the opportunity to meet few Masters in my life. Those beings are out of this world advanced.

I picked four stories, real events from my experience and my encounters with Masters. I left the totally unreal stuff out, I think it is because I am still trying to process it myself.


The first Master changed my life forever. I met him when I lost hope and with few words he switched me back on. It was the first time I could listen to anyone because he talked straight to my being. Besides the frequency that streamed from him felt so sacred to me, he read my akash in one glance and to the point. I met him few times and he is Tibetan that lives in Nepal.


The second Master also came in a desperate moment. I was crying and I was sick and feeling alone and I was about to lose it. This being ripped a hole in the fabric of this physical universe and materialized out of thin air in front of me for about a minute. He came said something to me (not going to disclose), touched me on my shoulder and left- it was like a magic stick. He completely turned my experience around and installed peace instantly.


The third Master was a lot of fun. He woke me up in the middle of the night to greet me and have a conversation, it was in a Buddhist temple in north India.

Few years later, I realized that we have been working together many times before this life, but I didn’t see it when we were having imaginary tea in the middle of the night. Just imagine, you hear someone in your room and it talks from nowhere, only his consciousness. The joy that he brought with him was like what I have been experiencing in my first few months of awakening, it’s like ecstasy. Who can sleep like that?