Power hermetics


Imprint of your energetic chart to enhance your path


It all started when I was 23, a waitress sharing an apartment with five young women. One of them had a deck of Tarot and another was reading in a regular playing cards. Me being me, I decided I am going to make my own deck and of course I made the cards round. 64 cards made based on the geometric figures that I already picked from my Kabbala books readings.

They worked.

It surprised me because back then, I didn't know much about energy. 


How do I do it?

Just intuition and instinct combined with lots of

knowledge. I use Gimatry; the science behind

vibrational codes of letters as they were built, translated

to numbers, but not restricted to numbers.

I Also use lines, dots, circles, symbols and numerology.

How can it help you?

It collects and align energies and helps in staying

in the path of your choosing.


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A beautiful path is ignited with a song in your heart and it brings beautiful thoughts that fill your life with
active joy.