Drawing on Flowre of Life

A seal to help you move energy.

Channeling personalized powerful hermetics to create openings and balancing in your akash.

Eden is combining Kabbalah knowledge of over 25 years plus flow and insight to create energy flow to break patterns and create movement in places you feel you need help with.


-The picture are just samples and they don't belong to anyone. I don't share customers work.


Comes in 10x7 bristol and suggested to be hanged in the room you use the most.


The seal, or sigil or charm, is personalized according to your needs

Below there is a field to fill in your full name and birth date- for reading, plus what is it for? Love, job, inspiration, energy and so on.

If you want to ask more question, just call or text me: 720-840-8835

Empowerment Personal Hermetic Seal