The Practice

Hypnotherapy is covering a wide range of healing because it takes you into a deeper state of awareness through relaxation.

It is the reason it is one of the strongest methods for dealing with anxiety. The brain waves reached in hypnosis are deeper than meditation and it is working with the less known inner awareness.

Hypnosis is great for past life regression, changing behaviors, and realizations.

I work intuitively with hypnosis and I combine it with all the other healing practices that I offer.


Spiritual Counseling

& Coaching

Spiritual Counseling and Coaching is an insightful session with Eden


Power Hermetics Seals

Hermetic seals are like blueprints that are capturing energies and strengthen the areas you want to work on.

Gimatry, the science behind the vibrations of letters and shapes, the codes of creation is what makes a strong seal

Creating a personal seal is a method of healing.

Holographic Healing started with Holographic Kinetics. It is Aboriginal origins healing modality that uses dream time/ cross time healing connecting spirit and body to release stress points.

I combine HK with hypnosis and intuition and I am not following protocol, but changed the style of HK with my experience.

It is a powerful healing that works.

Holographic Healing

November-January Winter Weekend Retreats - in a down to earth environment of 22 acres of Missourian woods with style and comfort.

Working towards balancing and raising awareness of love and light within. Mixing serious discussions with fun, games, and fire circles.

The retreat give you time to focus your energies on yourself, and allows growth and expansion . It take you out of your everyday environment- a pause. Rejuvenation.

It is all about you.

For information and booking:

Eden 720-840-8835


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